The Exim SMTP mail server
Official guide to Release 4

By Philip Hazel

The Exim SMTP mail server
Paperback, 640 pages £37.50
Published: 1st April 2007
ISBN: 9780954452971
Format: 233mm x 177mm

Category: All Books, Computing

Enabling users to take full advantage of the Exim system, this practical reference provides an essential resource for e-mail administrators, designers, or implementers of network applications. Included are instructions to deploy Exim as the SMTP email server throughout an organization, configure a reliable mail service to meet the specific needs of the site, tune the server to give optimal performance in the environment, as well as secure an e-mail system to prevent unauthorized use and maintain the confidentiality of messages.

Philip Hazel as a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, but has spent the last 30 years writing general-purpose software for the Computing Service at the University of Cambridge in England. Since moving from an IBM mainframe to Unix in the early 1990s, Philip has become more and more involved with email. He started developing Exim in 1995 and PCRE (the regular expression library) in 1997. Since then, most of his working time has been spent maintaining and extended Exim.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 640 pages
ISBN: 9780954452971
Format: 233mm x 177mm

BISAC Code:  COM060090, COM084020
Imprint: UIT Cambridge Ltd.

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