UIT - The city through the eyes of its artists 

The city through the eyes of its artists series showcases some of the most beautiful cities in the world. See for yourself how local artists have reimagined these iconic places: with a book that fits in your pocket.


The Oxford Art Book

UIT - Oxford-Art-Book    UIT - Oxford-Art-Book-page-spread

"An inspiring ode to the dreamy spires." Helen Fielding

"Oxford may well be the most consciously beautiful city in Europe, and I get a daily kick out of wandering round its streets.  It’s a brilliant idea to let today’s artists show us the grand sights - and the intimate ones as well." John Simpson

"This is a treasury of new ways of seeing." Jeremy Paxman



The Cambridge Art Book

UIT - Cambridge Art Book - medium   UIT - cambirdge-art-book-page-spread

“How necessary and wonderful to see ancient and beautiful Cambridge singing with new life, colour and vitality through the works of contemporary artists. A book to treasure.” Stephen Fry

“A stunning contemporary look at the city of Cambridge through the eyes of the artists who are inspired by its architecture, green spaces, people and sense of history.”  Sir David King

“Just gorgeous: I found it irresistible.”  Joanna Lumley


  The Edinburgh Art Book