Alternative DNS Servers
Choice and deployment, and optional SQL/LDAP back-ends

By (author) Jan Piet Mens

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After an apprenticeship at Nixdorf Computer AG, Jan-Piet Mens worked for five years as a trainer at a Nixdorf education centre in Wiesbaden, Germany, teaching courses to customers and employees.

Since 1988 he has been an independent consultant. He specializes in Internet technologies, especially e-mail systems, LDAP, DNS, Web, and Lotus Notes & Domino. For the past few years he has been consulting for a large European company, where he has designed and implemented a corporate DNS infrastructure as well as world-wide e-mail, and multi-continent LDAP services.

Jan-Piet is Dutch. He was born in Colombia, and lived in Spain for 11 years before moving to France and finally to Germany.

Key Selling Points

In 1985, the original DNS implementation was rewritten and renamed BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain), which was ported to the Windows NT platform in the early 1990s