Practical TCP/IP
Designing, using & troubleshooting TCP/IP networks on Linux and Windows

By Niall Mansfield

Practical TCP/IP
Paperback, 880 pages £37.50
Published: 31st January 2011
ISBN: 9781906860363
Format: 233mm x 170mm

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Practical TCP/IP is the only book you need to ensure that your networks work. It's a hands-on book based on years of practical experience. As well as explaining the principles of networking and TCP/IP protocols, it shows you how to use them too. Covering both Linux and Windows, Practical TCP/IP is applicable to just about any network.

This book has a unique modular approach that facilitates in-depth and easy learning. The many detailed appendices make this a long-term reference book you cannot be without.

Skills you will learn:

  • Tells you how to build a network. Unusually, the book also explains not just how to do things on your network, but why, and how the various components interact.
  • Starts with a simple two-machine network and goes onto a full network connected to the Internet with a firewall and internal routers, and DNS and e-mail servers.
  • Explains the free software tools you need to diagnose problems and to understand how your network is operating.
  • Assumes that things will go wrong -- nothing ever works first time! Error messages are explained and solutions provided for problems you'll meet.
  • Includes practical troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques that you can apply just about everywhere, enabling you to solve problems in your own network and in systems configured by others.
  • Ties together the various networking components so that the network is viewed as a whole, not just disjointed pieces.
  • Explains the why as well as the how to of network configuration.


Niall Mansfield graduated from Trinity College Dublin, where he studied Physics, and computer modelling and simulation as a postgrad. He founded the European X window system User Group and has been Technical Director of a number of technology companies in Cambridge, England, where he now lives.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 880 pages
ISBN: 9781906860363
Format: 233mm x 170mm

BIC Code: UL, UT
BISAC Code:  COM043000, COM046000
Imprint: UIT Cambridge

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