Abbs, Susan

Contemporary mixed media paintings.

Alsop, Jon

Jon is an Oxfordshire based artist specialising in watercolour and digital illustrations. 

Appleton, Steve

Observational illustrations made in situ.

Barry, Clare

Digital and hand-drawn mixed media illustration and design. 

Bartlett, Bee

Mixed media paintings exploring the balance between composition and experimentation with materials.

Beck, Amanda

Reportage artist inspired by: history and heritage. Watercolour pastels, mixed media

Bennett, Emma

Emma is the editor of the city art book series. She is a collage artist, creating vibrant intricate hand-cut collage pictures using minute details. Her fascination with design and recycling leads to beautiful collages, as in the cover of this lovely book.

Blustin, A J

Linocuts: forms, structures, patterns, connections, light and shade.

Bond, Sarah

Vibrant mixed media paintings.

Boughton, Sam

Ink and Pastel Pencil

Briggs, Richard

Pen and ink watercolour illustrations of urban, coastal and rural landscapes.

Bright, William

Meticulously researched hand-illustrated prints, rooted in cartography.

Brown, Anna

Illustrations and prints featuring mostly rabbits, polar bears and assorted woodland creatures.

Brown, Susan

Paintings mainly in watercolour / acrylic, subjects include architecture and landscape.

Caulfield, Clare

City inspired mixed-media paintings and prints in a lively drawing style.

Chance, Steven

Zinc and copper plate etchings of characterful spaces, places and creatures.

Chung, Norm

Portraits, buildings, caricatures, graphic novels, comic strips in oils, watercolours or ink.

Coles, Gerry

Oxfordshire printmaker producing hand-printed linocuts.

Colliass, Mark

Designer and illustrator Mark Colliass from Oxford, illustrates stylised stacking cityscapes.

Dakin, Andy

Images from real life in oil and charcoal.

Davies, Charlie

Paintings and prints inspired by nature and the world we live in.

Davies, Naomi

Pen drawings often with watercolour. Loves bikes. Urban sketcher.

Davis, Joe

Illustrations of a city's alternative landmarks, local venues and most of all pubs.

de Rond, Roxana

Illustrations in ink and gouache featuring the humorous and the everyday. 

Dew, John

Etching, egg tempera and water colour painting, topographical drawings

Dowse, Camilla

Award-winning urban landscape painter, in acrylic on hand mixed gesso.

Drury, Daniel

Paintings in acrylics

East, Simon

Original prints and paintings exploring abstract and figurative themes.

Fairfax-Cholmeley, Rosie

Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley, printmaker, writer, illustrator and artist-in-residence at Oxford University's Wytham Woods.

Forward, Caroline

Oil paintings in a range of subjects including portraits, places and abstracts.

Gaskell, Eric

Linocut printmaker and draftsman, particularly of water and buildings.

Gaukel, Joachim

Joachim Gaukel studierte Mathematik mit Nebenfach Informatik an der Universität Stuttgart. Anschließend wechselte er an die TU Darmstadt, wo er 2003 promovierte. Seine damaligen Themenschwerpunkte waren Lösungsverfahren für nicht-lineare Gleichungssysteme. Danach wurde er an die Hochschule Aalen als Professor berufen und deckte dort die Mathematik-Ausbildung von angehenden Ingenieuren ab und wechselte ein Jahr später an die Hochschule Esslingen, an der er seit 2009 tätig ist. .....

Gillespie, Maureen

Visual artist, passionately inspired by nature, capturing images using a variety of techniques.

Halford, Peter

Architecture and landscape, graphic art and photography.

Hall, Louise

Explorer of places, culture and everyday life. Location drawing in various media.  

Heiss, Kate

Contemporary Printmaker and Designer creating limited edition screen prints and linocuts.

Hinton, Pam

Painter in a variety of mediums. Mainly architectural and floral subjects.

Hipkiss, Kate

Hand-cut, layered papercuts  

Hogarth, Jeremy

Paper-cut collage illustration

Holler, Christian

Christian Holler studierte Physik an der LMU in München mit Zwischenstationen in Budapest und Maryland. In seinem Schwerpunkt, der Radioastronomie, promovierte er an der Universität Cambridge, wodurch er David MacKay und sein späteres Buch Sustainable Energy – Without The Hot Air kennenlernte, das ihn viele Jahre später zu mehreren Vorlesungen, u. .....

Hood, Amy

Pen and watercolour on paper.

Hopton, Catriona

Pen and watercolour on-site sketches 

Hullyer, Alison

Professional printmaker, illustrator and designer specialising in drypoint and relief prints.

Hunter, Lynsey

Mixed media illustration and textile work.

Jäger, Klaus

The authors' teaching and research activities at Delft University of Technology has resulted in this book. Their vision is to educate the next generation of solar technology innovators.

Kaiser, Mark

Distinctive oil painted scenes from the UK and around the world that focus on architecture.

Kann, Robert

Mixed-media. Hand-drawn and digitally-coloured architectural illustrations.

Kenner, Rahima

Intaglio printmaking - etching and monoprints. Painting and drawing.

Kiddy, Emily

Cambridge based fashion designer with a passion for graphical print and illustration.

King, Alison

Oils, cold-wax techniques, and printmaking, inspired by local scenes and big skies.

Kirtley, Tim

Quirky cartoons and drawings

Kozel, Orsi

Artist with a unique blend of vibrant and detailed ink cityscapes.

Lane, Malcolm

Digital images, drawings and acrylic paintings of a variety of subjects.

Lester, Mike

Paints mainly cityscapes and pet portraits in watercolour and acrylic.

Lievesley, Beth

Hand-cut collage using mix of old books, maps, vintage & patterned papers.

Lindsay, Marion

Children's illustration using ink and collage.

Mace, Maureen

Colourful, intricate, dreamlike paintings of trees, people and Cambridge.

Manson, Andrew

Vibrant paintings, 3D paintings, murals and drawings capturing subjects in mixed media.

Marshall Barrell, Pamela

Bicycles, alleyways, buildings and leaves in mixed media.

Masko, Iryna

Digital Art and photography

Massie, Ian Scott

Ian Scott Massie is a painter and printmaker whose work focuses on the personality of places.

McLellan, Andrew

Andrew McLellan works in public engagement at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. 

Megaw, Dorothy

Dorothy Megaw sells artwork at Gloucester Green Oxford Market on Wednesdays.

Melia, Steve

Dr Steve Melia lectures in transport and planning at the University of the West of England, Bristol. He has advised two government departments on how to achieve more sustainable transport and helped with the transport planning of the London Olympic Park.  The ideas in this book began while cycling 5,000 miles across three summers and seven European countries, studying cities making progress on transport problems and improving the urban environment. .....

Miller, Fiona

Architectural illustrations in watercolour and ink-pen.

Miller, Katharine

Paper collages, drawings and paintings in a range of media and subjects.

Moncrieff, Sarah

Painter of contemporary urban and industrial landscapes in oils

Moriarty, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Moriarty is an illustrator and printmaker based in Wolvercote.

Motherwell, Sam

Pen, Ink, Pastel and Collage.

O'Neil, Richard

Richard is a digital artist specialising in hand drawn, contemporary landscapes.

Osborne, Sam

Freelance illustrator and designer working both digitally and with paint and ink

Parker, Cathy

Trees and landscapes, various media, painted outdoors or semi-abstracted in my studio.

Peart, Jane

Detailed etchings and drawings, wide range of subject matter - animals, birds, places.

Peirson, Barbara

A background in theatre influences an evocative artistic description of everyday life. 

Petts, Valerie

Enjoys painting architecture and the natural world in both oils and watercolours.

Preston, John

Atmospheric etchings and paintings, mostly of buildings and landscape. 

Priaulx, Jennifer

Painter and print-maker.

Pye, Anna

Original lino cuts, screen prints and mono prints.

Rapley, Sue

Vibrant and expressive sea & landscape paintings in a range of media.

Read, Cathy

Creates vibrant watercolour and acrylic ink architectural abstract paintings using masking fluid.

Redpath, Ophelia

Surreal, colourful oil paintings, pen and ink graphic posters and illustrated books.

Ritchie, Jan

Original hand-printed linocuts and drawings.

Ritson, Caroline

Caroline Ritson builds layers of acrylic to create texture and vibrant colour.

Roswell, William

William works in diverse media as an illustrator, printmaker and painter.

Rowe, Justin

Paper sculpture hand-cut from vintage books.

Seddon, Jenny

Handmade, limited edition screen prints.

Shock, Katherine

Watercolour with pen and ink images painted in situ 

Smets, Arno

Arno Smets teaches and researches at Delft University of Technology. He presents the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Solar Energy (DelftX, ET.3034 TU). Over 100,000 students have registered for the MOOC, which is available in both english and arabic.

Smith, Sue

Pen and watercolour scenes of Cambridge. Also various works in other media.

Somerscales, John

An observational studio and plein air painter in watercolour and oil.

Stark, Rebecca

Mixed media collage.

Stemp, Isobel

Painter in Acrylic and Gouache

Stewart, Kelly

Kelly combines drawings, mark making and hand written text to create limited edition screenprints. 

Stewart, Tim

Oxford based artist specialising in black and white drawings.

Stone, Vanessa

Hand cut reverse layered collages inspired by English towns and countryside.

Strong, David

Skylines prints, vintage prints. Unique Art Prints for Unique Homes

Strother, Jane

Landscapes in oils about the balance of nature and human exploitation.

Sturgeon, Melissa Jane

Painter of faded facades, working in acrylic and metal leaf.

Taylor, Simon

Simon Taylor is Director of the Master of Finance Programme at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.

Thomas, Bee

Landscapes in acrylic and mixed media on canvas, wood panels or paper.

Thomas, Glynn

Member of Royal Society Painter/Etchers, specialising in etching and illustration.

Thomson, Alice

Reportage illustrator capturing various places, working in ink, collage, pastel and acrylic

Tordoff, John

Former actor, resident in Cambridge from 2009. Works mainly in mixed media.

Trestini, Rosemary

Oil paintings on canvas in a range of subjects.

Tunmer, Jo

Visual artist specialising in solarplate etching and oil painting.

Turner, Claire

Drawn and stitched images on silk.

Van Biervliet, Emmie

Mixed media artist inspired by journeys, mystical stories and striking architectural elements

Villiers, Sonia

Funky views of familiar scenes in acrylic and alkyd colours

Wheeler, Sue

Limited edition original linocut, woodcut and monoprints.

Wiles, Colin

Painter in oils, on board or canvas.

Wilson, Robin

Robin Wilson, anthropologist, artist and writer running arts-based research at Oxford University.