And Now The Shipping Forecast
A tide of history around our shores

By Peter Jefferson

And Now The Shipping Forecast
Paperback, 256 pages £10.99
Published: 19th May 2011
ISBN: 9781906860158
Format: 198mm x 129mm

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Published: 19th May 2011
ISBN: 9781906860516
Published: 19th May 2011
ISBN: 9781906860417
Category: All Books

This affectionate look at the revered British radio broadcast surveys the history and lore of the four-times daily announcements of weather reports and forecasts for the seas around the coasts of the British Isles. Written from the perspective of an announcer who read the on-air forecast for nearly 40 years, this book begins with the genesis of the forecast itself. This narrative spans from 19th-century inventions of the Beaufort wind scale and Fitzroy's barometer and the founding of the British Meteorological Office to maritime codes, conventions, and traditions and life on the ocean wave. With a look at how technological progress has intervened in the collation, production, and transmission of the Shipping Forecast, this book shows how the broadcasts earned such a deep-rooted place in the audiences' psyche.

  1. Prologue
  2. The genesis of the shipping forecast
  3. Name changing but not name calling
  4. The meteorological office and the shipping forecast broadcast
  5. The lighter side
  6. Unexpected outside broadcast
  7. Sailing by
  8. Sailing by the seat of your pants
  9. A tale of shipping area turbulence. Part 1
  10. A tale of shipping area turbulence. Part 2
  11. Shedding some light... on lighthouses
  12. Codes, conventions and traditions
  13. Time and Greenwich Mean Time
  14. A life on the ocean wave
  15. A final note


"For this daily dose of the beautiful to work, nothing is more important than the god who administers it. None has been more perfect in the last few years than Peter Jefferson, the voice of perfect modulation, the near-equal of the incomparable Charlotte Green, neither thin nor fruity, effortlessly clear, understanding that the beauty of the moment depends on restraint and the absence of any hint of doubt."

- The Guardian

Peter Jefferson joined the BBC in 1964. In 1969 he became an announcer and newsreader, first on the BBC World Service then across all the domestic BBC Radio networks, which included reading the Shipping Forecast for 40 years first on Radio 2 and later on Radio 4. He took early retirement in 2001 but continued working for Radio 4 in a freelance capcity until 2009 during which time he also appeared in several radio and TV programmes including plays on Radio 4 and vocally or as an actor on EastEnders, Panorama, My Family, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The Mighty Boosh, The Bill, Peak Practice and Holby City. He currently reads the quotes on Radio 4's Quote... Unqote, and lives with his wife in Surrey.

Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781906860158
Format: 198mm x 129mm

Binding: Electronic book text
ISBN: 9781906860516
Format: Kindle

Binding: Electronic book text
ISBN: 9781906860417
Format: EPUB

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