Food and Climate Change without the hot air


From breakfast to lunch and snacks to supper, Sarah Bridle gives the carbon footprint of the food we eat, using very clear diagrams, and looks at how to combat climate change by changing our diet.


Paperback    £19.99

Published: September 2020 | UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Erneuerbare Energien - ohne heisse Luft

Leicht verständlicher und packender Einblick in die Möglichkeiten der erneuerbaren Energieerzeugung und deren Potenziale in einem farbigen, abwechslungsreichen Format. Die Autoren schaffen es den Dschungel der Informationen zu lichten und auf einheitliche, verständliche Werte herunterzubrechen. Damit wird das Thema Energie greifbar.

Paperback    £19.99

Published: September 2018 | Oekom

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Published: September 2018 | Oekom

The Fall and Rise of Nuclear Power in Britain

Simon Taylor traces the UK’s nuclear energy history, from the optimism of the 1950s, through the disillusionment of the 1980s to a new role for nuclear in the 21st century.

Paperback    £19.99

Published: March 2016 | UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Solar Energy

This book uniquely covers both the physics of photovoltaic (PV) cells and the design of PV systems for real-life applications.

Paperback    £24.99

Published: February 2016 | UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Sustainable Materials without the hot air

This optimistic and richly-informed book evaluates all the options and explains how we can greatly reduce the amount of material demanded and used in manufacturing, while still meeting everyone's needs.

Paperback    £24.99

Published: September 2015 | UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Nuclear 2.0

A book that re-evaluates the role that nuclear energy has to play in a green future.

Paperback    £6.99

Published: January 2014 | UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Energy and Carbon Emissions

Do you want to explore the energy and carbon impact of your personal consumption and lifestyle choices? Nicola Terry has the facts to answer your questions on just about every aspect of your daily life.

Paperback    £4.99

Published: September 2011 | UIT Cambridge Ltd.

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

The best-selling book on understanding sustainable energy and how we can make energy plans that add up.

Paperback    £19.95

Published: January 2009 | UIT Cambridge Ltd.