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Frederik Ramm and Jochen Topf, with Steve Chilton

Categories: Maps and Mapping, Computing

Endorsements & Reviews

"The Missing Manual For OpenStreetMap?
"You can find your way through all of the [OSM documentation] by yourself. Or you can just read a well written, well thought out book instead. Even in today’s online world there’s still a place for the feeling you get from holding a book in your hands and leafing back and forwards through the pages. My copy of this book is still reasonably pristine, despite being hauled on and off planes and read from cover to cover. I can’t guarantee it’ll stay that way for long."
Gary Vicci
Gary's Bloggage

an indispensable guide to those interested in harnessing the power of OpenStreetMap for mapping, navigation and location services ... After having read the book, I think of it as “OSM – The Missing Manual” ... In sum, this is a book deserving of a place on your bookshelf. It is well written, comprehensive and worth your time, especially if you want to find out how to do things with OSM and don’t want to spend days trying to find the topic in the OSM Wiki. Even if you do find the topic there, I think you would prefer to read the description in “OpenStreetMap, Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World"
Mike Dobson
Exploring Local

"This book is the perfect gift for map lovers, GPS addicts, cartographers, GIS professionals, developers, etc, and should be added to their library collection this holiday season.
(Also includes interview with Frederik Ramm, one of the book's authors.)
http://devblog.mapquest.com/2010/12/10/holiday-gift-idea-1-openstreetmap-using-and-enhancing-the-free-map-of-the-world/ 10-Dec-2010

"the book does very different things to the online help. Its organisation reflects the practical needs of a user community and complements the evolving nature of the online support. It represents a snapshot of a constantly moving target and is indeed "the ideal starting point if you want to contribute to OSM"
Chris Perkins, School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester

It’d be a great reference for an educator looking to incorporate OSM into a course or as the focus of a course. And it’d be a well used reference at a mapping party.
Adena Schutzberg, Executive Editor
Directions Magazine

This book is a great introduction to, and overview of, the OpenStreetMap project, with plenty of detail and pointers to further information, all of which is sure to get the reader hooked in the realm of open geodata ... This book would be of interest to a range of different audiences, from walkers and geocaching enthusiasts keen to explore and document their surroundings, to GIS users wanting to know more about emerging sources of geodata, and web developers who are looking for maps or a new source of information to use in their projects... or anyone else who has an interest in geography and how emerging technologies are helping develop the subject.
Dan Karran

It addresses a wide range of readers, from those unfamiliar with OSM to the advanced programmers who want to utilise it elsewhere, and is written with a progressive build-up of knowledge, which helps in the learning process. It also benefits from the dedicated website where updates are provided ... As the two books are sold at a similar price point, we liked the Ramm et al. book much more and would recommend it to our students.
Muki Haklay & Thomas Koukoletsos
Po Ve Sham Blog

Muki Haklay review mentioned on MapRoom Blog:
If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that there are two OpenStreetMap manuals out there...
Jonathan Crowe

Review on OpenStreetMap Consultant Blog:
OpenStreetMap Book: A Comparative Review

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Using and Enhancing the Free Map of the World
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CA$ 21.95
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177 mm wide
30 mm thick
32 pages of color plates
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