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The Exim SMTP Mail Server

Philip Hazel

Categories: Computing

Email is the most widely used application on the Internet. Exim is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used mail servers, handling mail for tens of millions of users daily.

This book is a complete guide that will let you take full advantage of Exim on your network. If you are an email administrator or a designer or implementor of network applications, this book is an essential resource to help you:

  • Deploy Exim as your SMTP email server throughout your organization.
  • Configure a reliable mail service to meet the specific needs of your site.
  • Manage your email system's daily operations, monitor its performance, interpret logs, and troubleshoot mail problems.
  • Filter messages: save messages to files or divert them to other addresses, or check them for spam or viruses and delete them if they do.
  • Tune your server to give optimal performance in your environment.
  • Handle multiple domains for large organizations and "virtual" domains for ISP-type environments.
  • Simplify your email management.
  • Secure your email system to prevent unauthorized use and maintain the confidentiality of messages.

Endorsements for The Exim SMTP Mail Server

It's an excellent, well-structured book. Even for an experienced Exim administrator it serves as a great refresher. The specification itself, like all specifications are, and with good reason, is is rather dry. Excellent reference material, and the spec is some of the most excellent reference material on any software I've ever encountered, on it's own is not enough to feed you ideas.
Colm MacCarthaigh
HEAnet, Ireland

The book exceeds my expectations.
James K. McGlashan Jr.

The book is simply amazing. I find the format/style/whatever 100x better than [other] documentation.
Jonathan Vanasco

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The Exim SMTP Mail Server
Official Guide for Release 4
Philip Hazel
publication date
height 233 mm
width 177 mm
thick 30 mm
710 g
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