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Without the hot air®

We are best known for our award-winning Without the hot air® series of books, which explain important issues in clear language, and without the hot air and hype that usually accompany them. 

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Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Cutting through the hype to reveal the facts about sustainable energy, David MacKay presents the numbers behind sustainable energy in an understandable way.



Drugs - without the hot air: Minimising the harms of legal and illegal drugs

Former government adviser David Nutt lays out the truth about the real harms posed by many drugs, from alcohol to heroin and everything in between.


Urban Transport - without the hot air: Volume 1 Sustainable solutions for UK cities

Steve Melia debunks several myths about urban transport and looks at the ways in which key cities in the UK and Europe are tackling urban transport problems.

£19.95 pb / £39.99 hb

Published 4th June 2015

News in Brief...

Peter Jefferson at Radio Times Festival

UIT - Resources - RADIO_TIMES_400x400_SOCIAL_MEDIA.jpgOn Friday 25th September 2015 Peter Jefferson will be giving a talk about his time as the voice of The Shipping Forecast on BBC radio.