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Top Titles
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The Cambridge Art Book

Cambridge’s old university is wonderfully portrayed in this little book of outstanding art. Bikes, punts, the grand Fitzwilliam Museum and the iconic market place all find their way into the pages.


The Edinburgh Art Book

Inspired by Edinburgh’s unique architecture, over 50 artists have produced a unique collection of contemporary images illustrating all aspects of the city and surrounding area.


The Liverpool Art Book

An impressive artistic collection, this book takes the reader on a tour through the colourful spirit of Liverpool and its history, to statues of icons such as the Beatles and Cilla Black, and its majestic skyline.


The Dublin Art Book

Forthcoming A tribute to Ireland's beautiful capital: form the historic Trinity College Dublin to the iconic Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin's very own artists highlight its beauties in the most unique way.


UIT - Resources - Sustainable Materials x 150 UIT - Resources - Solar Energy x 150 UIT - Sustainable Materials UIT - DWTHA cover 2nd edition
Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Cutting through the hype to reveal the facts about sustainable energy, David MacKay presents the numbers behind sustainable energy in an understandable way.


Solar Energy: The physics and engineering of photovoltaic conversion, technologies and systems

This book uniquely covers both the physics of photovoltaic (PV) cells and the design of PV systems for real-life applications.


Sustainable Materials
- without the hot air

This optimistic and richly-informed book evaluates all the options and explains how we can greatly reduce the amount of material demanded and used in manufacturing, while still meeting everyone's needs.


Drugs - without the hot air

Former government adviser David Nutt lays out the truth about the real harms posed by many drugs, from alcohol to heroin and everything in between.



New and Forthcoming Titles

• Drugs Without The Hot Air - David Nutt

Published: 16th January 2020

UIT - DWTHA cover 2nd edition

Drugs Without The Hot Air looks at the science to allow anyone to make rational decisions based on objective evidence, asking:

• What is addiction? Is there an addictive personality?
• What is the role of cannabis in treating epilepsy?
• How harmful is vaping?
• How can psychedelics treat depression?
• Where is the opioid crisis taking us?


Listen to David Nutt speak about the new book here:




• Food and Climate Change Without The Hot Air - Sarah Bridle
Publication Date: 3rd September 2020

UIT - FACCWTHA-cover-new

• What effect does the food we eat have on the environment?
• How will climate change affect the food we will eat in the future?
• 25% of greenhouse gas emissions come from food – how do we reduce this?

Bridle explores this in her ground-breaking, accessible, evidence-based work.


Listen to Sarah Bridle's TEDx talk here:




UIT - Erneuerbare Energien Cover  UIT - sustainable energy spanish cover brighter


Ohne heisse Luft

Aimed specifically at Germany and Europe today, the authors were inspired by David Mackay’s approach in Sustainable energy without the hot air (2009). Though the laws of physics have remained the same, our knowl­edge of renewable energy sources has improved. From their experience of Energiewende and using clear, practical examples, they give us the facts so we can understand and contribute to the ongo­ing debate on renewable energy.

News in Brief...

Nutt's insights on the UK drug scene are shared on the podcast "On Drugs" by comedian Jacob Hawley. You can listen to it here: