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Nuclear 2.0 - why a green future needs nuclear power Just published!

Front cover of 'Nuclear' book
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Almost everything that people think they know about nuclear power is probably wrong. This is just as well, because nuclear energy is essential to avoid catastrophic global warming.

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Drugs - without the hot air

Front cover of 'Drugs' book
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The science of drugs - what they are, and how they act. How to quantify the harms of all drugs - legal and illegal.

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Sustainable Materials - With Both Eyes Open

Front cover of 'Sustainable Materials' book
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Materials support the excellent lifestyle we have in the West. Although we make these materials with amazing efficiency, they still have the same environmental impact as all the world's transport system. (Production of just five materials -- steel, aluminium, paper, plastics, cement -- accounts for 55% of industrial emissions.) The target is to reduce materials-related emissions by 50% by 2050, but demand will double by then. This book explains how it is possible to achieve the 75% reduction in emissions per unit of material produced.

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And Now The Shipping Forecast

Front cover of 'And Now The Shipping Forecast' book
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Peter Jefferson presented The Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio for over 40 years, and his familiar voice continues to be heard on programmes such as Quote ... Unquote. This book is both an affectionate memoir and a history of the science and BBC programming behind the forecast.

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Pass The Bike Test - and be a great rider too!

Front cover of 'Pass The Bike Test' book
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How to become confident and safe on the road. This is the first book that tells you how to choose an excellent bike training school, to monitor your own training, and to start riding with a full complement of real-world survival skills. It also covers post-test improvement, the causes of the most common accidents (written by a police accident investigator), and advice on getting back into biking.

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PSTricks: Graphics and PostScript for TeX and LaTeX

Front cover of 'PSTricks' book
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The basic TeX system provides only rudimentary graphics facilities. LaTeX improves the situation, but only to a limited extent. The PSTricks software gives a complete, high-quality solution.

The book describes everything, from how to draw simple lines on curves, to creating three-dimensional images, trees, knots, charts, etc. The book contains hundreds of examples, with ready-to-run code, for hardcopy or PDF output.

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